Friday, 4 August 2006

She stares up at the sky as if entranced

Yesterday evening, J took me out to dinner to celebrate his new job, and we got to sample some of the performances that are part of the Trafalgar Square Festival. To be fair to Nitro, I could only see about half the staging area, but IMO a fairly long narrative, like Mass Cari, doesn't lend itself to street performance that well, and mostly I was confused and the opera-style singing's not really my thing.

Song of the Sirens (by Mécanique Vivante) was fantastic though - the sirens are mounted on these fantastic cream spires, so they look like flowers against the sky, and the sound is - it's almost indescribable. It's musical sirens, in four part harmony, and I'll bet you could hear it for miles. Impressed.

We also caught the end of Strange Fruit's Spheres, which was gorgeous and elegant and ethereal, and totally different to their Canary Wharf performances, while using the same skill set.

The highlight for me, though, was Saurus (by Close Act) which absolutely hit my 'child-like wonder' buttons. For that half an hour there were three silver dinosaurs roaming around Trafalgar Square, and I was in love with them. Even after I worked out how they were doing it, they were still totally magical.

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