Thursday, 4 May 2006

all because you made me laugh

It's right on that cusp between glorious and actually too hot and sunny today. Hopefully it will have cooled off a little by the time I'm walking up to Saddler's Wells. I walked down from Embankment to Tower Bridge last night, just around sunset, and that was perfect - warm with cool breezes and the sounds of the water. I do love living in London sometimes, I really do.

Like, for example, Tuesday, when I got to sit in a room with my best and oldest friend, S, and listen to Stephen Fry and Phil Jupitus be mad and erudite for an hour or two - and Alan 'puppy' Davies won which made us feel very special indeed. The other two guests were a comedian I've never noticed before, and one I generally find faintly annoying, so it was nice to watch him being put down by Mr Fry occasionally. Ahh QI filming - all hail Applause Store and the wonderful Miss S - not least because she's scored another set of tickets, so we'll be doing that again in a couple of weeks.

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