Thursday, 12 July 2007

go out and do something more interesting instead

I've had a few days off work recently, to host a friend who was visiting London for the first time. It's always such a blast to show people around, and have an excuse to do the more touristy stuff that most of the time I'd never get to do.

In recent days I have (on alphabetical order)

Been both up and down the Thames on both banks at different times of day and night, and agreed that it is always fantastic.
Been defeated by Old Dutch Pancakes
Been underwhelmed by the London Mithraeum (which is always better in my head, and even then not a patch on San Clemente)
Caught the sun.
Climbed St Paul's.
Climbed the Monument.
Crossed *almost* all the bridges.
Explored the Guildhall.
Failed to understand why the Worshipful Company of Cutlers have an elephant. (Wiki says it's the ivory connection - and that they're guessing.)
Found a bat at the Globe.
Gone up Tower Bridge for the princely sum of 25p (as one of the attendants said to his colleague - much closer to it's value than the usual price of admission)
Loved my city a lot.
Not strangled any tourists in the British Museum .
Not wanted to strangle any tourists in the V&A.
Peeked inside any number of churches.
Petted Samuel Johnson's cat.
Picked favourite giant guitars from the array down by City Hall.
Sung 'Like a Virgin' loudly to Queen Elizabeth I, in the National Portrait Gallery. (amongst other things - as part of the Sing London festivities, before anyone wonders!)
Taken lots of photos I haven't sorted out yet.
Visited Kew, and lost all track of time.
Walked half all over London (we're both inveterate pedestrians, and walking is a great way of seeing things in passing.)

(My guest also toured the Tower of London and brace of Royal Palaces on her own, as well as attending service at Westminster Abbey.)

Yup - I am still in love with this place!

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Peter Palladas said...

I like your style, though I have long fallen out of love with your City.