Friday, 28 March 2008

Then they send me back to Kentish Town

Tonight, the BBC manage to report on the launch of the London Profiler website without once using the phrase "that's so nifty!" - that'd be because they're all high paid reporter types...

It really is very nifty.

The 'help' buttons in each heading also lead to useful sites / explanations of methodology, which just make the maps niftier still, by explaining things like "how we ended up with 'Sikh' and 'Other Muslim' in a list that's otherwise based on national/regional divisions, and doesn't have any non-other Muslim categories", which is the kind of thing that otherwise bugs me.


Also, in unrelated, and far less nifty, news: apparently the Bull and Gate is on the market, and thus under threat as a venue. When I was writing about the Astoria the other day, the Bull and Gate is one of those smaller places I mentioned having a lot of affection for.

Here's hoping it stays in sympathetic hands.

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