Tuesday, 22 April 2008

I like the choices

St George's Day tomorrow, and at least one of my neighbours was flying the English flag this morning.

I've mentioned before that I think of myself as British more than English, and that I am very cautious about patriotism, but I can get behind both the celebration of Shakespeare's birthday, and the celebration of good food. Fortunately for me, this matches up very well with the official festivities on offer tomorrow.

Neither of my favourite cheese stalls from Borough Market' are on the list as being at the Festival of English Food, which will be conveniently located close to work, but I'm sure Neal's Yard Dairy will provide. Some excellent cheese, a hunk of good bread, a crisp English apple, maybe a sweet juicy tomato or two(1) - what better lunch could there be? If the weather holds like it is today, I may even be able to picnic in St James.

(1)(The tomato stall's also not on the list, so no midweek oak smoked tomatoes of bliss for me)

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