Thursday, 19 June 2008

But it’s glorious, loveable, eccentric, magnificent - and ours!*

It's June, which means the free festival circuit is really getting going.

This coming weekend will see me trying to fit in events from the Greenwich and Docklands Festival (free dance - hurray!) and West End Live (free musical theatre - hurray!) and not making it to any of the Spitalfields Festival events after all...

Next week there's a couple of films I want to catch at The Scoop

I've just been booking ahead for some of the events happening under the London Lit Plus, an open literary festival that's running from July 5th from the 19th, and by dint of realising that the Liars’ League event next month clashes with a gig and digging a little further, I'm already thinking about the August performance - as they put it : Writers write. Actors read. Audience listens. Everybody Wins.

Also in July, free music at The Scoop, and The Big Dance, which is always a packed week of goodies.

Whilst I'm quite angry about Mayor Boris' decision to remove Rise's anti-racism tag line, it still promises to be a fantastic event - loads of good free music on the 13th July.

The following weekend, for a total change of pace, there's the Lambeth Country Show.

Further ahead still, The Scoop's free theatre offerings this year are a Ted Hughes version of Lorca's Blood Wedding and a New Orleans musical version of Little Red Riding hood, and I'm going to do my best to catch both.


* from a poem currently being used to advertise cider,

The Great British Summer

Music festival-ing
Mixed mud wrestling
Fourteen degrees
Knobbly knees
Catching the rays
The big squeeze
Traffic jams
Hand-held fans
The hottest day since records began
Yes we’ll complain it’s too hot
We’ll moan when there’s showers
But it’s glorious, loveable, eccentric, magnificent -
And ours!

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