Monday, 20 July 2009

Enter and rejoice this pedestal

Thanks to being on summer break, I've missed a lot of the ambient One & Other exposure I'd be getting if I was in work as normal, although I did finally manage to time my tea break today to be wandering past at a change over!

The live-feed on the website, and the Guardian's @plinthwatch on Twitter has been keeping me up to date, though.

I think my favourite in-person plinther so far was the gentleman conducting a small group of musicians below him, which must have been last Monday? - this afternoon's bubbles also pleased me.

It's a fascinating project, and it's a lovely thing to see something on that corner that makes me smile every time I cross the square. The only frustrating thing is that, unless you have a decent zoom, it's practically impossible to photograph of any of the things people get up to up there!

* OK, so that's not One & Other, in this bottom image, but it is an excellent photograph - too good to resist.

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