Saturday, 29 May 2010

A confession, of sorts

I finally joined my local public library today - it's only been mumblemumble years that I've been living here, after all!

That sounds quite bad, but I've been an active user of Westminster libraries - who have branches close to work, and who have been very good to me - as well as The London Library and, of course, my own library's collections, but not - until today - my own local library.

This somewhat undermined the strength of my position last week, when I was discussing with a friend how important and usable public libraries are for everyone, including people - like both of us - who work full time out of their local area.

That said, my local does have weekend and evening opening hours, on-line recalls and renewals, and an external book drop, plus their book clubs are primarily in the evening, which makes them an option. I don't think my friends' local library does the book group thing, but they do do everything else, plus offering e-books, so - still provision for people who can't pop in during the weekly working day.

Are you a regular visitor at your local library?

(NB - my local library isn't in Anne Arbour - I just liked the photos, and didn't have my phone with me this morning to photograph my actual library.

* Photo by jhoweaa, used under Creative Commons, with thanks.

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