Monday, 21 June 2010

An entirely internal milestone

AKA, the power of round numbers on the human psyche - it's fairly meaningless in reality, but it feels significant enough that I want to mark it: I just added item record ten thousand to the library catalogue.

(That's 10000 bibliographic items, not 10000 copies - the copy IDs are currently in the 14000's)

The item in question? Capital affairs : London and the making of the permissive society by Frank Mort.

(Why meaningless? We hold just under half that number of items in reality - the extra record IDs being a mix of deleted records, lost and removed stock, and the artefacts of the last two data conversions, both of which introduced gaps into the sequence.)

Possibly more significantly, the record does seem to function - I wasn't quite sure if it would, or if the change in number length would break something! (Plans are afoot to make questions like that a thing of the past, but said plans have not yet come to fruition.)