Thursday, 3 February 2011

News from Egypt.

Like almost everyone else, I'm watching the news from Egypt with particular attention.

It's odd, the small ways that large events are made real - for one thing, the last few days have been busy with preparations to welcome several of the students evacuated from the University's Cairo program . Pitched battles in the streets, and I'm running through checklists to try and make sure that I've remembered all the potential loose ends, trying to make their arrival here as smooth as possible... so strange.

Another is that I did some work for the UK Friends of the New Alexandria Library several years ago, during my Masters. The mailing list - dormant for many years - has lurched back to life, sharing messages from the Librarian and library staff. Today's?

"This is just a brief message to let you know that the Library is safe...a statement by Dr. Serageldin that has been posted on our website. It still represents the current situation."

"The library is safe thanks to Egypt’s youth, whether they be the staff of the Library or the representatives of the demonstrators, who are joining us in guarding the building..."

If any of my students reading are not yet familiar with the Freeview tv options for news, I'll put together a brief list in another post.

* Photo by msmail, used under Creative Commons, with thanks.

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