Wednesday, 30 March 2011

5 things

It's been a ferociously busy couple of weeks since the students got back from break, as the deadlines began to mass - for me as well as for them.

5 things I am grateful for:

  1. - interesting questions. There's no better kind of busy than getting research requests that give me cause to think and learn and explore something from a different angle as I go. My to-read list has been getting longer all month.
  2. - Koha's list feature, which makes putting together a convenient shelf list of material in the LUP library for someone a snap, and allows me to re-use them where that's appropriate.
  3. - organisations that catalogue to content-page level, plus those that provide index page previews; all the better for ruling a potential book in or out.
  4. - e-prints, institutional research repositories, open data and open research.
  5. - the London Library team, who I've been visiting daily - occasionally twice-daily - and the ILL team on campus who have helped several students out of tight corners at short notice

* Photo by Rob Warde, used under Creative Commons, with thanks.

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