Monday, 27 June 2011

CPD23 - late, but not absent.

I've been going backwards and forward on this for the past two, three weeks, but - late to the party, I know - I'm going to jump on the CPD23 (23 Things for Professional Development) bandwagon.

The timing's the issue. Both the summer schools that I'm supporting wrap up this week, so I'm end-of-semester busy and end-of-the-year tired. This is going to be a pretty intense summer, too: we start packing to move the whole library on Saturday, and launch the new library space in August. Not to mention that I've got the builders in at home, just to make sure that there's disruption on all sides.

On the other hand, maybe this is the ideal time to sign up to a project designed to keep evaluation and reflective practise front and centre? A reminder not to let the bigger picture slip out of view amongst all the busy?

So here I am - a solo librarian in a small academic library, serving 3 cohorts of undergraduate students each year, always looking for ways to improve the services that I can offer my students and my colleagues. Hi.

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