Saturday, 10 February 2007

no sir, no dancing tonight

So : Sadler's Wells Sampled : a pick-and-mix selection of dance bits for a fiver. Was it as good a deal as that sounds? Oh yeah!

Although I've had no spare time to write it up properly, and I'm almost certainly not going to, but thanks to the Sony sponsorship, lots of the pieces have film up online I can link you to.
(although they seem to have stripped out the audience's reactions which has done odd things to the audio in places, and does not represent the atmosphere at all...)

Of the pieces we saw on Friday, my top three were:

Random Dance Nemesis duet
Hofesh Shechter Uprising
and my favourite of the night, Vagabond Crew Aliens which would have been worth the price of admission on it's own and then some. If they're going to be back over for Breakin' Convention this year, I will be there.

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