Monday, 26 February 2007

yes, no, stay, go

Don't you just hate it when the hype is right? I mean, I have a certified weakness for pop-punk that I keep forgetting to be ashamed about, but still. I've been seeing The Buck Brothers' name around and about for a while, but having finally listened to some of the songs, they sound - well - fun. In a way that makes me think seeing them live will either kill off any interest I have entirely, or amp it up to eleven.

I'm somewhat miffed that they're playing a free gig at Fopp, Tottenham Court Road, tonight, when I'll be helping one of my best friends prepare to move house tomorrow...

Next Monday's world-record-attempting gigathon, though, that kind of sounds like a plan, even though it's clearly a promotional gimic of massively cheeky proportions. If they can pull it off ....

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