Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Every time that I look on the first day of summer

I've been meaning to post this one for a while : the London Street Signs Project. (1) In their own words:

The London Street Signs project celebrates London's evolution through its rich cartographical heritage.

(They) dress up and stand next to street signs.

Is this not joy?

Especially when you combine it with perfectly formed frames of local history, and tie it up with a luxurious map-based bow.


(1) the link will take you directly to Orange Street, which is close to my workplace, and as good a starting point as any. Mostly because it reminded me that, as a small child, I was once sent to a school fancy-dress party as Nell Gwyn...

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Anonymous said...

OK, I'm sorry for that - and Heidi and the Ginger Nut Packet. But it was only fancy dress I had ideas about! What a good thing I now have a window to dress.