Tuesday, 4 September 2007

But down in the underground

Tube Strikes. Again. Although, actually, this time I kind of support the cause - PPP always was a horribly bad idea, and I'm all in favour of bringing the contracts back in-house. Just not of this course of action. Bob Crow is a thoroughly obnoxious guy, and since the whole round where they were striking in support of people who were drinking on the job, the RMT's reputation is far from shining. (It may be a different matter if the other TfL unions come out as well - the TSSA especially, and they are threating too, if the pensions thing isn't resolved.)

Still, I'm fairly sure the RMT aren't going to accomplish anything with this apart from making several thousand people's commutes nightmarish, confusing tourists, and denting the retail industry. Most of us have travelcards so TfL already have our money, and it's not like coming in by other routes is any *cheaper*.

My usual 50 minute journey was well over the two hour mark this morning, and I'm in the deeply irritating position of needing to renew my annual travelcard this week, which means queueing up to pay TfL well over a grand for a service that's not currently running ....

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