Thursday, 4 October 2007

the carpet weren't rolled out

Dance Umbrella's 2007 season started yesterday, with a blend of pay-for and free contemporary dance events around the capital over the rest of the month.

(Whether you’re a dance fanatic or a Bob the Builder fan, this one is for you. may just be the ultimate tagline. How can anyone not want to know what the piece that refers to is like?)

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ArtsWom said...

That may be the most lurably clickable link I've ever seen. I know what you're refer to and I'm still dying to click on it!

Although I shan't attempt to make an equally as clickable link, I will let you know that a lot of behind the scenes shows for the festival will be showing on Sky Arts over the month. Ok, I'll try...

Whether you're a dance fan or simply loved playing with plastic bags as a kid until your parents told you off, there's something here for you...

See, not nearly as good.