Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Only last night I found myself lost by the station called King's Cross

In the middle of November, the Eurostar switches from Waterloo to St Pancras station (and soon there will be Stratford International making it even easier still for me to get to France - hurrah!) To celebrate there's ten day's worth of pick-and-mix arts events based around the Kings Cross area - performances, exhibitions, films, walking tours - and most of them look to be a) interesting and b) free. The festival's called 'Arrivals' - worth a look, methinks.

(Also, re the lyrics that title this post, new Pet Shop Boys video, Integral - one of the blue background blurs is me, and that's Senate House looming behind the double helix. If there are any of 'my' students reading this, they should recognise the underground tunnels and a particular CCTV shot as well.)

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