Friday, 18 January 2008

I really think so

sushi by Sakurako Kitsa As mentioned to several students this week : the link for the Yo Sushi half price voucher is here.

It is a great sadness that Gili Gullu has closed down, which cuts down the options for budget sushi. Yo (conveyor belt) and Wassabi (take away) are good chains with branches all over, Moshi Moshi is less ubiquitous, but also tasty

Kulu Kulu (Branches in Covent Garden and Soho) is pretty good, Itsu irritated me no end by having not one single vegetarian roll on offer so I can't rate them on anything else, and I've yet to try my luck at a Feng Sushi.

Yoshino has a good reputation, although I can't vouch for them personally (They also stock the Japan Centre's sushi bar, which I can recommend). Many of my friends rate the Tokyo Diner, but I've never been impressed there - it's good enough, but nothing special. I prefer to go to Zipangu, which is two doors down. I mostly go for ramen, but what I've sampled of their sushi has been good.

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