Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Again with the leaving the links until I have time to write the post and then realising that such a time is unlikely to arrive before the events ....

- UCL Classics dept tackle Agamemnon at the Bloomsbury, tonight and tomorrow.

- Freeborn John @ The Union Chapel : A star studded cast of English folk royalty perform the world’s first historical folk opera. English history has provided us with no more dramatic or colourful a character than England's first radical, ‘Freeborn’ John Lilburne, unsung hero of the English Civil War. Brought to life in an astonishingly vivid and tangible way by the inimitable Rev Hammer, Freeborn John tells the story of this true English people’s hero

(I'll shoot for writing them up after the event instead, but I've not done so well with that on anything else this year, so no promises!)

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