Monday, 4 February 2008

flip reverse it

20th Feb 2007 Pancake day tomorrow. Sad to see in the Metro this morning a piece about how few people apparently celebrate it any more, partly because it's not a fixed date to remember (it's tied to Easter, so it's a movable feast, and this year it's crept up early, the earliest it's been in 60 years), partly because it's less commercial than other celebrations (surely that's a good thing?) and partly because people claim not to know how to make pancakes.

Pancakes? Are really really easy. You can get fancy, sure, but the basic model? flour, milk, eggs, frying pan, enjoy. (there's the recipe I use here if you want more specifics.)

When I was 14, our Young Enterprise Scheme company made and sold hot pancakes to fellow pupils in the breaks at school. If a bunch of teenagers with a hot plate can turn out saleable results in a fifteen minute break, how hard can they really be? (It is, however, practically impossible to get the first pancake of any batch to go right, so don't let that put you off.)

Ok - *flipping* the pancake is a bit tricksy, but it's also totally non-essential. It is, in fact, mostly for showing off with. All you really need to be doing is turning the pancake over, which I tend to do with a wide spatula, and at least one of my friends does with the aide of a plate.

So, in conclusion. Pancakes aren't scary, and they are tasty, so: what are you cooking tomorrow?

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