Monday, 19 January 2009

These boots are made for walking

London Walks - a generally useful source of info about waking routes in and around London* - are organising a slew of guided (or 'led') walks over the last weekend of the month.

Unfortunately, I'll be out of town, but I recommend them as a way of getting out there and seeing parts of London tourists don't get to interact with, and/or learning more about your local area.

(Although *why* there is no map of the Greenway out in east London I still don't know. I'm also not sure why none of the 'Led Walks' cover the bit of said Greenway that cuts through the 2012 Olympic site. I'd have thought there'd be plenty to say there! That section's worth exploring in it's own right, I'd say.)

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SteamPunkGlass said...

London walks is great, I've done a couple of specials with them where we had a big enough parties to hire our own guide at a time for us. Great showmanship on one, and wonderful tales from the other!