Thursday, 5 April 2007

What's that shadow on the wall

Friday Late : Animate @ the VandA - that was a whole lot of fun.

Partly the truly excellent company, to be fair, but also a good part because the VandA know's what they're doing. The Shadow Monster's interactive doobrie just didn't stop being *cool* every time we looped back past it, the show reels were suitable impressive, and while the filmed stop-motion collaborations were a bit too audience-participatory for me, I did make a flip book, and collaborated on a zeotrope.

But mostly it was just pleasing to me to spend time with friends in this amazing building (the re-opened Poynter Room cafe is still just beautiful) surrounded by music and people and shiny things. The atmosphere is totally different to visiting the museum at any other time. I think it is the music - a really crowded day would probably be as loud, but the music being played gives the sound shape. That and the fact that everyone's there for the same thing, even if they're doing different parts of it.

The next one's on the 27th. Ritual.

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