Sunday, 25 March 2007

I'll wait here once again

Diamond Geezer is frequently good reading - and sometimes he just goes ahead and writes the post I was going to write. Just a link for you then - Stratford has a Starbucks now??

(I'm a fence-sitter on the subject of major multi-national coffee chains. I see the arguments against, but at the same time, independent coffee shops are not falling over themselves to give me the option of sitting somewhere that's not a pub, chatting with a friend at ten in the evening. I figure that I'm not paying £3 for a coffee, I'm paying £3 for the place to sit and natter that isn't a pub full of loud drunks. I think that's worth it. Of course the new local is open more or less while I'm at work, so won't be getting my custom, but when and if they start offering me that essential service, I won't complain.)

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