Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Such a horror, oh such a farce

Jump at the Peacock Theatre this evening. This is me grinning. Still.

I have to confess that I didn't think it was quite as hysterical as I'd been lead to believe, but it was a lot funnier and more impressive than their taster at the Sadler's Wells Sampled, and I had a really good night.

Both the stage craft and the technical skills were right up there. (except some of the staff work, which was patchy in places). It's very physical humour, which isn't always my thing, but it's riffing off more Hong Kong Specials than you can shake a stick at, which is a plus to me.

It does come with an audience participation warning, though, which kind of spoiled things a bit for me, as I can't quite get past my anxiety-by-proxy when people are hauled out of the audience and (potentially) humiliated on stage.

But once we were past that, the final scene with the burglars, was utterly *brilliant* - character, comedy, tricks, finesse. They deserved every second off the applause, and probably more.

Definitely a good evening's entertainment, and one that was all the better for being enjoyed with a big group of friends. If it hadn't been a week night it would have been an excellent precursor to a longer night out. (As it was someone stood outside taking deposits on assorted martial arts classes would have made a killing!)

In other news : the lineup for Breakin' Convention 2007 has gone up. choices choices ...

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