Thursday, 10 May 2007

Nicotine from a silver screen

I won't be able to go, as it clashes with a late working day, but this looks interesting (and free):

An Evening with Alfred Hitchcock

Wednesday 16th May, from 6pm

In 1972, young film journalist Sandra Shevey was granted an audience with the master of mischief, mayhem and murder, Alfred Hitchcock. He was at that time approaching the end of his 50 year career, having just directed the penultimate of his 53 films. The interview was recorded on audiotape, but as befitting the man of mystery, 35 years on, it has never been published or aired...until now!

Sandra will introduce virtually the whole of this fascinating feature-length survey of Hitchcock's career, interspersed with film clips. A word of warning however - some of the subject matter is not for the faint-hearted!

This free event takes place, appropriately, at Westminster Reference Library, in the West End; the heart of Britain's entertainment industry. You will be able browse through the many books relating to Hitchcock, including sixteen books specifically on his life and films.

So is there anything new under the sun to discover about the venerable old rascal? Sandra met him, has seen his complete works, conducts walking tours through Hitchcock's London and is preparing a new book on him: and armed with this priceless recording, if anyone can shed new light on him, she can!

Admission is free, but please book in advance to ensure a place.

Westminster Reference Library,

35 St Martin's Street


Tel: 020 7641 5250


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