Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Now above and beyond the roofs of our city

So it's farewell to one student group, and tomorrow will bring a new lot, here for the short summer session.

It's a tight turn around between the two groups, which means early starts, and late nights for a week or so, but - I don't know. I've covered a fair amount of ground today. Marble Arch in the early morning, Bloomsbury this afternoon, Oxford Street and surrounds in between, a quick dive across Waterloo Bridge to pick up something from Foyles on the South Bank. Ten minutes snatched for lunch, sitting on one of the fountains in Trafalgar Square listening to the water and watching tourists climb the lions. It's worth it, you know? Worth all of it. Because this is mine. This is my home town. I love this place.

And I think that the city has meant something to the folks who are leaving, although I guess I'll never know what or how much, and I hope that it comes to mean something to the ones just arriving.

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